Little Creek - Homeschool Open Rec Program

JEB Little Creek-Fort Story Open Rec Program for Tweens/Teens

The Little Creek Youth Center and School Liaison Officer welcomes homeschoolers ages 11-15 to the Homeschool Open Rec Program for Tweens/Teens (HOTT). Meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Monday of the Month from 10 a.m. to noon/ The open house will be held November 27 with the first session on December 11. All Sessions will be at the JEB Little Creek Youth Center.

REGISTRATION IS FREE. All forms can be completed at the open house Monday, November 27 from 10 a.m. to noon.

School Year
2017 - 2018

JEBLCFS Homeschool Open Rec Program Schedule
December 11
January 8 & 22
February 12 & 26
March 12 & 26
April 9 & 23
May 14
June 11

Please contact your School Liaison Officer (SLO) to sign up for events at 757-462-4483.