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JEB Little Creek - Fort Story 

Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLCFS) is the major East Coast operating base supporting Overseas Contingency Operations. JEBLCFS provides support and services to 144 shore-based resident commands and 18 homeported ships. Resident commands provide frontline support personnel and the training venues that hone the skills of those frontline operators. JEBLCFS consists of nearly 4,000 acres of land, and more than seven-and-a-half miles of beachfront training area with 61 piers. 

N91 Fleet & Family Support Program 

The Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) and Emergency Response Program is one component of Fleet Readiness.  Recognizing that being in the military presents unique challenges and opportunities, Fleet and Family Support Centers provide unique programs and various services to active duty, activated reservists, retirees, and family members that promote self-reliance and family resilience. 
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N92 Fleet Readiness Programs

Fleet Readiness Programs deliver high quality, customer-focused programs and services that contribute to military retention.  Fleet Readiness is an integral part of installation management, directly affecting military readiness and supporting the quality of life needs of Sailors and their family members.  It is comprised of three major programs:  Morale, Welfare & Recreation, Food Service Galleys & Child and Youth Programs.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) covers a wide scope of operations that provide Sailors and their families with the finest facilities, programs and activities to meet their recreational and social needs. MWR programs encourage positive individual values, aid in recruitment and retention, and provide for the physical, cultural and social needs of a mobile Navy. MWR programs encompass Fitness & Sports, Deployed Forces Support, Recreation, Entertainment and Food & Beverage Operation.

Child & Youth Programs support the military family by providing a safe and healthy environment, enriching experiences and care that strengthens your child’s self-confidence and feelings of security.  The Mid-Atlantic CYP offers a planned program of activities in each age group to promote intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of your child.

Navy Ashore Galleys provide wholesome, nutritious, and delicious meals to authorized active duty and reserve DoD personnel. The Galleys cater to those who are Ration-in-kind (RIK) and entitled to free meals and those drawing Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) who pay cash. Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Galleys located in the Hampton Roads area are open continuously from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. providing greater flexibility to our customers as they navigate through their busy day.  The Naval Station Norfolk Galley boasts the Navy’s only Galley “C” school training kitchen which provides professional culinary training for our cooks returning back to the Fleet. Additionally, the NAS Oceana Galley enjoys the Navy’s only drive through window service, and the Galley at SUBASE New London maintains the Navy’s only mock Virginia Class Sub training kitchen. 

N93 Housing

The Navy Housing (N93) Program ensures military members, their families and eligible civilians have access to suitable, affordable and safe housing, and quality services generally reflecting contemporary community living standards.  Navy Housing (N93) is composed of three branches: Family Housing, Unaccompanied Housing and Navy Gateway Inns and Suites.  

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N95 Navy Wounded Warrior

Safe Harbor (N95) provides individually tailored, non-medical support to Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, as well as their families.  Serious illness or injury can occur at any time; when it does occur, it is often unexpected! Enrollment in the program is available to service members wounded in combat, as well as to those diagnosed with a serious illness or injured in shipboard, training and liberty accidents.  From the moment a service member enters a medical treatment facility, the Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor program is ready to address any needs he or she may have. Non-medical support consists of pay and personnel issues, transition assistance, child and youth care, education and training benefits, adaptive athletics, legal assistance and mentor support. N95 handles any daily challenges so the service member can focus on healing. 

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